Guarding Value

With various options available in today’s Investment world, parking your money in different options is not enough to achieve your Investment goals. Planning, Prudent Allocation and Management is key. With years of global experience we bring in skills to help you achieve your goals.


Many websites and advisors tell you how to make 1 Crore in future based on some statistics and estimates but, no one talks about the buying power of 1 Crore in future. Investment decision is not just about calculating numbers but, its about understanding your future requirement and factoring in parameters like Inflation and worst case scenarios. Our expertise in building Quantitative models to analyze and manage Investments has helped us to provide tailor made solutions to each individual Investor needs.

Mutual Fund Distribution

We are AMFI [Association of Mutual Funds of India] registered Mutual Fund Distributor.

Structured Products and Portfolio

We have our own Structured Products developed through extensive research on Indian markets and Investor sentiments. These products can be customized to provide investment solutions based on individual requirements. Our expertises also include constructing portfolios based on individual requirements and goals.

Technical Expertise

Years of global experience in Financial Engineering

Automated Trading Systems

Financial Modeling Tools

Risk Management Tools

Investment Planning

Tax Savings

Best way to invest in Mutual Funds and save taxes is through ELSS [Equity Linked Savings Scheme]. You can invest up to INR 1,50,000 under 80C and save taxes up to 45,000. Know More

Invest for future

Mutual Funds were created to make investing easy, so consumers wouldn't have to be burdened with picking individual stocks. Mutual Funds are managed by professional Fund Managers with skills and years of industry experience. Mutual Funds have historically offered safety, diversification with better returns compared to other Investment options. Know More

Debt Funds

A better alternative to Fixed Deposits A Debt Fund is a professionally managed fund which invests in highly rated Fixed Income instruments like Government Bonds, RBI Bonds, Money Market Instruments and Corporate deposits etc. Know More

Structured Products

We have years of global experience in developing financial tools and strategies. Our strong technical skills have helped us to develop unique products which can be customized to meet each individual Investor needs. We use the power of Mathematics and Technology to provide investment solutions. To know more about our unique products, please get in touch with us.

About Us

Years of global experience has taught us investment discipline, ethical practices and standards. Emphasis on risk management is our core belief.

Our Motto:

“Guarding value”: We strongly believe in safeguarding both monetary and ethical values. We provide comprehensive solutions keeping in mind that ‘every penny is hard earned’.
Our approach towards managing risk and emphasizing on downside at the same time concentrating on upside has brought success to our strategies.

We are Conservative, Comprehensive and Transparent

Our Team

Anil K Shamaraju

An Engineering graduate with MS in Microelectronics from University of Liverpool. He started his career as an Application Developer for a Hedge Fund in London. His experience of developing Quantitative tools and Strategies for Financial Markets made him passionate about this industry. After working as a consultant for various Hedge Funds, he joined a start up in London as a Partner and Head of Quantitative Research and Development. After years of global experience he moved back to India and started Newton Financial Services with a vision of offering unique products with complete transparency and honesty.

Vikram Bijjula

An Engineering and Management graduate with Managerial experience of more than 13 years across various industries in India and abroad. His long term interest in Financial Services Industry drove him to join force at Newton Financial. He is an automotive enthusiast and known among his friends for his honesty and commitment.

Moukthik Reddy

A Management graduate from UK and an IT entrepreneur with a passion for innovation. Expertise in Operations Management with experience of over 10 years in Business process and Management. Worked towards the success of quite a few startup Ventures, administering their overall operations.


We are here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and create an effective solution for your financial needs.

Contact Info

0091 80 49016427
Newton Financial Services
Golden Square, 102 Eden Park,
20 Vittal Mallya Road,
Bangalore - 560001, India

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